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This page is dedicated to our love for FOOD! We love to eat, and we love to eat good, local, healthy, gourmet food. Living in Montreal was so much fun, and there was always somewhere new or an old local favourite resto to go dine and enjoy a good `cinq a sept`.

Ottawa is such a beautiful city, full of nature and just really nice people. But we find that it doesn`t really advertise just how good their food is. This city is full of fresh goodness and we want to help newbies like us in Ottawa get out there and find the local eateries that are within all our budgets. We will post as many pics as we can of what`s yummy in Ottawa.

By the way, we are HUGE fans of pubs! And when we find a local pub that has good beer and food (which we all know pub food (aka bar food) can be horrible and greasy), we will be sure to let you know!

Grease is not part of our generation!

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